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All Phuket Island Tours Programs
Khai Island Tour
Koh Khai Island is situated on the east Phuket Thailand - little more than crystal water meets beautiful coral reefs. There is a lush tropical forest cover half of the island, the other half is covered by a white sandy beach. You can even touch tropical fish swimming in shallow water, while you are giving them some breads. Snorkelling and swimming tour are also recommended on travel to Koh Khai Island. Phuket-Trips.com offers a standard of safety and service with environmentally friendly Day Trip speedboat.
Koh Coral Island Tour
This day trip takes you to the beautiful Koh Coral Island, one of the top tourist destination in Phuket-Thailand. Enjoy sun, sand, beach, snorkelling, swimming in the crystal water, Banana Boating and Parasailing.
Krabi Island Tour
Ultimate way to go in Krabi's water wonderland is speedboat Day tour. This destination - Krabi, Thailand is almost famous as Phuket with rapidly develop. Just an hour by Day tour speedboat travel or little more by ferries cruise. Krabi occupies with more than 100 islands on Andaman Sea which itself famous on white sandy beaches and clear water.

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