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Phuket Snake Show

Snake is one of the common animals of Thailand normally snake living every part of Thailand in the jungle even small jungle around your hotel but don’t scary about snake because normally snake don’t bite people excep when people step on its or interrupting of them. 


Nowadays snake became a one of the most exited show for tourists. So you can see the Cobra show in main tourist attraction of Thailand. The show men have to be very high skill in case of he makes some mistake on the show is not enough time to take him to hospital because the poison of Cobra and king cobra are very dangerous, can kill you in 5 minutes. In phuket we had 3 snake farm the best one is located in Chalong area. Let enjoy the excited show of Thailand is Cobra and King Cobra show for your new experience in Phuket 


Highlight of snake show. 
There is the most exciting show in Thailand it’s not easy do this show the show man must have very good train and long time experience because this show including cobra and king cobra its one of most dangerous snake in the world but no scary because the show man they were very high skill you will see  the king cobra snake kiss here.

What to bring 
-Bring camera to take the great shots of the snake kiss by mount to mouth 
-Some money to buy some drinks during the show or some tip for the show man


17.2 USD
10.3 USD


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